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© 2004-2019 Jeff Bright | Steelhead Flyfisher | San Francisco

About Jeff

Jeff Bright moved to the west coast from Ohio in 1988 to pursue musical aspirations and other California dreams. He began fishing the steelhead rivers of Northern California in 1993, gravitating to the art and craft of flyfishing soon afterward. Along that wandering path he soaked up stacks of flyfishing literature, from classic works to reports of the day addressing fisheries conservation. Jeff began documenting his outings on film with a simple but sturdy 35mm automatic camera, and through his graphic design studio became involved with numerous organizations active in efforts to protect and restore the state’s wild steelhead and their environs. From these relationships and a dawning awareness of “what had been lost,” a conservation consciousness was born. And, simultaneously, through the camera’s lens and the written word, a pathway for creatively directing that consciousness was uncovered.

In 2002, Jeff published Found in a River: Steelhead & Other Revelations (Frank Amato Publications). Using photo-montage and sparse prose, the book chronicled the beginnings of a flyfishing passion and eventually opened the door to destinations further afield. In 2003, Jeff made his first visit to northwest British Columbia’s famous Skeena River and by the end of 2005 had become a booking agent for Nicholas Dean Lodge in Terrace, hub of the lower Skeena Valley. Subsequently and to date, Jeff’s travel offerings have expanded to include destinations for steelhead, Pacific and Atlantic salmon, sea trout and sea-run Arctic char. Steelhead Flyfisher is now a boutique agency specializing in angling travel to the world’s best waters for sea-run fish.

In summary, Jeff Bright is a flyfisher committed to the celebration, pursuit and conservation of wild sea-run fish, wherever they swim. In support of those activities, Jeff is a writer, photographer, graphic designer and flyfishing travel agent and host. His published works include the book Found in a River: Steelhead & Other Revelations (Frank Amato Publications, 2002,HB), Lords of the North: Impressions of the Arctic and Its Reiging Fish (self-published, 2014, HB and SB), Meditations in the House of Salmon (self-published, 2016, HB and SB), Written on Water: Musings on the Sea-run Angle — Volume I (self-published, 2016HB and SB), magazine articles in Chasing Silver, Fly Fisherman, Fish & Fly, Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, California Fly Fisher, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Fly Fusion and The Contemporary Sportsman. His photography has appeared in galleries and periodicals including American Angler, Catch Magazine, Steelhead & Salmon Journal, The Drake, The Fly Fish Journal and on numerous covers of California Fly Fisher. Fine art prints of Jeff’s photographic works are owned and displayed by collectors of angling art throughout the Pacific Northwest and can frequently be seen as auction and raffle items serving fundraising events and campaigns for fish-focused non-profits from Alaska to Southern California. Jeff's design clients include Wild Steelhead Coalition, California Trout, Native Fish Society, Smith River Alliance, California Coastal Conservancy and California Hydropower Reform Coalition. He is an agent and regular host for Nicholas Dean Outdoors on the Skeena River in Terrace and travels the world in search of angling opportunities for the biggest and brightest sea-run fish. When not off in planet’s far corners, Jeff resides in San Francisco with his wife Clair and reminisces about the ones that got away.

For more, read the interview with Jeff published in the December 2005 issue of California Fly Fisher magazine. Click here (PDF).

To access promotional photos and information, click here.