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Presentation Topics

Jeff is available for presentations. Topics include:

Four Seasons in the Sea-run Angle: Pursuing Steelhead, Salmon, Sea Trout and Char 24/7/365
Jeff highlights speyfishing opportunities spanning the globe and the yearly calendar — from steelhead, chinook and coho in the Pacific Northwest to sea trout in Argentina, Atlantic salmon in Russia and huge sea-run char in the Canadian Arctic.

In the House of Mykiss
A narrated slideshow of photographs "from the monumental northern world of steelhead flyfishing" with a compelling music track and strong conservation call. The keynote presentation at the 2008 Wild Steelhead Coalition banquet.

A Steelhead Flyfisher's Seasons on the Skeena
A look at trophy steelhead angling opportunities in northwest British Columbia's Lower Skeena region through four distinct seasons. Includes an overview of the Skeena system and an extensive selection of photography capturing the area's rivers and fish in spring, summer, fall and early winter.

Found in a River: Steelhead & Other Revelations
The onset of steelhead fever artfully represented. Jeff reads from Found in a River accompanied by a cascade of photos from the book.


To inquire about scheduling and fees, please contact Jeff by phone at 415.317.9400 or by email. From all speaking fees a percentage will be donated to steelhead conservation efforts.