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Moments in a Peculiar Madness

Flyfishing for steelhead and salmon in the great Pacific Northwest is full of wonderful moments, strange moments, surprising moments, and some moments that seem like absolute madness. To capture the feeling in these moments, occasionally it takes more than a photograph traditionally rendered…Hurrah, for the madness!

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mad_010 h mad_011 v mad_012 v mad_013 h mad_014 v mad_015 v mad_016 h mad_017 v mad_018 h
mad_019 v mad_020 v mad_021 h mad_022 v mad_023 v mad_024 v mad_025 h mad_026 v mad_027 h
mad_028 v mad_029 v mad_030 h mad_031 v mad_032 h mad_033 v