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North Umpqua River | Legendary Summer Steelhead

Dillon Renton & Renton's River Adventures

Oregon's renowned and historic North Umpqua River is truly one of a kind. Clear, emerald waters run through a canyon of old-growth conifers, dropping pool-to-pool in spectacular fashion. Rapids create a faint noise wherever you might be standing, reminding you of the river’s power and of the incredible journey an anadromous fish in these waters must make. Summer and winter steelhead, as well as spring Chinook and sea-run cutthroat make the journey back to the river annually, as they have for thousands of years. • • • The “fly-only” section runs the upper 31 miles, giving the fly angler a home on the river. It hosts countless pools, pockets, riffles, and tail-outs, making for the perfect swing setting. Some runs are long enough for almost an hour of fishing while others are short and coverd with a cast or two. A few holding lies are obvious, while others are hidden by currents and chop. • • • Summer-run steelhead in the North Umpqua’s fly-water are large, native and wild. They begin to appear in fishable numbers by June and will continue to move into the river through the fall. These fish can be aggressive towards a well presented fly and willingly break the surface for a skater. Solid and beautiful, worth every effort to find, North Umpqua steelhead are special fish. To tail one is an honor.

Description: Time on the water is concentrated in shaded hours. With sun off the water, you'll utilize surface techniques such as the twitched skater and near surface traditional wet flies. Fishing the North Umpqua is often done from specific wading positions due to the bedrock geology, challenging the angler to present a fly to holding fish. While casts might not always be long, controlling your drift through the “zone” and covering known lies in optimal light conditons is the key to moving a fish.

Season: June 15 - September 30

Daily rate (1-2 anglers): 6-hour shade session or full day. Fish the morning and afternoon shade sessions or choose between an evening-morning combination or morning-afternoon combination. If desired, fish the total eight hours straight, with and optional lunch included.

River Camp package : Complete camp accommodations with walled dining tent, center-pole guest tent(s) with cots, breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner provided. 3-day/2-night and 4-day/3-night programs available. This is the PERFECT set up for maximizing shade sessions! (2-4 people only).

Not included: Round trip transportation to designated meeting location, accommodations,licensing, gratuities, alcoholic beverages

Inquire for current rates and availability

Additional information:
Renton's River Adventures
Single Handers and Skaters" video

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